Sunday 12th July 6.30pm at the Swan

Hi all, usual place, usual time…

Sunday 12th July 6.30pm at the Swan on the Stray.


I will be bringing Alhambra and some littler games for starters/in between.


See you all there.


Sunday 7th June 6.30 at the Swan on the Stray

The first meeting will be on Sunday 7th June at 6.30pm at the Swan on the Stray.

I shall be bringing Ticket to Ride Europe, Alhambra and Pirate Fluxx.

No fees, just bring some games and buy some drinks to keep the pub happy, just look for the people with board games on their table and say Hi!!

New board games club

I am looking to set up a board games club in Harrogate.

I currently own and regularly play; Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Magic the Gathering, Android Netrunner, Alhambra, Agricola, Risk, Dreadfleet, Space Hulk, King of Tokoyo, Dead of Winter, Pandemic and would love to learn/play tons more.

I am getting together a list of potentially interested people before sourcing a venue/day/time.

Please drop me your email through the contact form on our website, our facebook page (Harrogate Board Games) or emailing me at

Dead of Winter